Made From Scratch Dips Available from SNS Dips


In 2014, Stacey and Steve took six of their favorite homemade recipes to a craft show. They were pleasantly surprised to not only make their first sale, but to also book additional shows and have repeat customers. Their business has evolved to now feature over 40 dip mixes, several of which we now sell at The Ranch Downtown.

Their products are all made from scratch recipes that are simple and quick to make. Each item is made from their own recipes and are handcrafted one by one or bag by bag. They fill each bag ingredient by ingredient, some are made in small batches when needing to be mixed. Their products allow the purchasers to make a gourmet dip or spread by simply adding 1-2 ingredients with their mixes to make a fantastic tasting dish.

SNS Dips pre-made dry dip mixes are all very easy and inexpensive to make. Not only are they convenient, but they also make great gifts to spice up any occasion!

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