Unique Mixed Media Artist Dolan Geiman Joins The Ranch

Based in Englewood, Colorado, we connected with Dolan when we commissioned him to do a custom portrait of our famous Brahman bull, Captain.

Many folks who have seen this fabulous art piece in our main business office just stop and stare when they see it. Dolan’s work is truly one of a kind. So, when we were opening the store, we reached out to him and his great team and they eagerly jumped on board.

We carry 4 of Dolan’s most popular art pieces at The Ranch Downtown. You’ll find them adorning our walls and they are available for purchase as one-of-a-kind art gifts.

Dolan’s artwork is truly remarkable and unique and why we selected him to be a featured artisan at The Ranch Downtown.

Weaving together a love for folktales, myths, & the natural world with a desire to translate found materials into works of art, Geiman speaks the language of paper, wood, & metal. Each work of art is handcrafted from an array of materials salvaged & collected from abandoned farms, warehouses, & forgotten fields. From paper collages to metal wall sculptures, the artwork weaves tales of bygone eras & untamed wilderness in an attempt to ignite our sense of wonder for the rugged American landscape & its icons.

Stop in the store and see the “Captain” print and Dolan’s other amazing work.

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